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710 Freeway Closures

For the next seven weeks, Caltrans will be working on the 710 freeway during the weekends starting on August 20 until October 11 (except for Labor Day weekend).  Work will be done in both northbound and southbound directions from just south of Firestone Boulevard to just north of the 105 freeway.

Full freeway closures will occur twice during the weekend:

  • Friday at 11:45 p.m. until Saturday at 6 a.m.
  • Sunday at 11 p.m. until Monday at 5 a.m. 


In addition, expect the following connectors to be impacted:

  • CLOSED On-ramps to northbound I-710:  Eastbound & westbound on-ramps from Rosecrans Avenue and Imperial Highway
  • CLOSED On-ramps to southbound I-710: Eastbound & westbound on-ramps from Florence Avenue, Firestone Boulevard and Imperial Hwy
  • CLOSED Freeway Connectors:  Eastbound and westbound I-105 to northbound I-710


Motorists should expect delays during this work period.  Click here for more information or visit Caltrans’ website at www.dot.ca.gov.

Why is there traffic on 2nd St.?

This year the City of Long Beach has been fortunate to receive funds from both the federal government (as part of the 2009 Stimulus Act), and the State of California for street repairs. Many residents know this all too well with the recent traffic congestion experienced along Second Street as a result of street improvements in and around Naples. Fortunately, the City is taking a number of steps to ensure that in the remaining weeks of construction traffic will not be as bad as it was last week.

  • Construction will now be extended to 8:00 PM so that the project is completed sooner.
  • After construction has concluded for the day the “No parking” signs along the streets will be removed so residents can park on the streets again.
  • Electronic signage has also been placed at strategic points to redirect traffic away from Belmont Shore/Naples.

Driving the Second Street route every day to and from downtown, I have already seen significant improvement in the traffic flow, and we can probably expect it to get a little better each day until the roadwork is complete.

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