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Mayor’s Statement from Hyatt/UNITE HERE Press Conference
Credit Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau

Thank you for having me;


Thank you to Maria Elena, Councilmember Lowenthal and the other members of the Council for being here today;


Welcome also to Steve D’Agostino, the GM at the Hyatt in Downtown.


Steve, this hotel has been a great partner for this City and I know from my conversations over the years that the Hyatt Corporation at the highest levels holds this property in great regard.


By the end of this year, this company will have invested about $40 million in a top-to-bottom renovations of the entire property; and don’t forget, they have electric vehicle charging stations.


The sister hotel, the Hyatt Pike, is one of our newest boutique hotels and has by far one of the coolest rooftop pools around.


These are substantial investments in the commerce of Long Beach that yield revenue for the City. They are investments that are forward-looking and on behalf of the City, thank you to Hyatt Corporation for investing in Long Beach.


Today’s announcement highlights an investment in the most important capital – human capital and I believe again demonstrates the long-term perspective that the Hyatt Corporation and their local team have for this City.


It is not a secret that UNITE HERE and Hyatt haven’t always had the warmest of relationships; and Sacramento and Washington are providing us constant reminders that it is not easy to find the middle ground in today’s political debate.


There is a ways to go still in this process;


I think anyone who has followed our successful efforts to reform public pensions here in Long Beach knows that even though everyone agrees on the outcome that process still has to work its way through. And as I have said many times before, the best deal is one where both sides gain and yet leave something on the table.


Today is an important day and I applaud both sides for finding common ground and engaging in the collective bargaining process.

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